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Breitling Watches: E7936310/C869-diver-pro-iii-blue-tang
Aerospace Evo Diver Pro III Strap - Tang Buckle

Breitling Watches - Aerospace Evo Diver Pro III Strap - Tang Buckle - Style No: E7936310/C869-diver-pro-iii-blue-tang

Breitling Style No:  E7936310/C869-diver-pro-iii-blue-tang

Breitling Aerospace Evo Watches

43mm satin finish titanium case, ratcheted unidirectional bezel, Mariner blue dial, thermocompensated SuperQuartz electronic Breitling 79 movement with digital calendar with day and date programmed for 4 years, chronograph function, analog and 12/24 hr lcd digital display, display backlighting (nvg compatible) and eol indicator, blue Diver Pro III strap with tang-type buckle. Water resistant to 100 m (330 ft).

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